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Terms of use

A/ General principle of use :

Despite the vastness of Internet market, we just have few possibilities for uploading on-line free announcements with effective return.

Ironcorner is focused on all the products and the accessories belonging to the 3 following sectors: public works, agricultural sector and heavyweight trucks.

1/ Free on-line upload :

Uploading announcements on the website is completely free of charge for both the private individuals and the professionals. The insertion is quick and easy.

2/ Use of Ironcorner :

Registration and opening of the account in 2 steps :

Step 1: Opening of the announcer account

  • Select your Continent
  • Select your Country
  • Select your region (if necessary)
  • Insert your company name (if necessary)
  • Insert a valid e-mail address (you will receive a confirmation e-mail)
  • Insert your personal data (surname, name, address, postal code, city)
  • Insert the languages you speak (for informational purposes for the consultant only)
  • Insert your phone number in the format +44 followed by the number, without 0 or space
  • Accept the CGU and CGV principles
  • Validate to go to step 2.

Step 2: Creation of the announcement

  • Select your sector (construction/agricultural/heavy trucks)
  • Select a category from the given list
  • Select a brand
  • Select a model
  • Select a year
  • If necessary fill the following gaps: hours, weight, serial number, price
  • Fill the description space with the most detailed description of your offer
  • Give a title to your offer
  • Specify the location of your product (mark if it's the same or if it's different from the location of your account)
  • Specify the contact person (mark if it's the same or if it's different from your account)
  • Add your photos (20 maximum) sliding them into the indicated space or uploading them from your local hark disk (1Mb maximum weight for each photo)
  • Register your photos and proceed with the validation of your announcement.

Once you valided your announcement, you will receive 3 e-mails :

  • a validation e-mail with a link that you open in order to end the inscription
  • a confirmation e-mail of the announcement you just added
  • a confirmation e-mail of the validity of your announcement (from out team within 48h max)

3/ Your account :

Once entered the account with your name, you have a menu with two different links :

  • My profile

You have the access to your personal data (you can modify your data)
You have the access to your ads (you can add/modify/remove ads)

  • Contact

Through this link you can contact by e-mail the administrator of the website by sending an on-line form in order to give suggestions, ask questions or settle a dispute.

4/ Our free services :

Ironcorner.com is a completely free of charge website for on-line announces. Every insertion is subject to the acceptance of the general conditions, without any limitation or reserve. The service of transmitting your ads from your website to Ironcorner.com is offered to you for free, you just have to contact our team after filling the website form (cf. § B2).

5/ Our paying services :

Ironcorner.com website offers paying services in the advertising area in order to give more visibilty to your account and to your ads.
Option “Ads on the toplist”
With this option your ads will be automatically placed at the top of the list for each category every week.
Option “Display the Logo”
This option allows you company to display the logo or the graphic identification of your business permanently (depending on the package chosen) on the website next to your contact information and your ads. Banner Ad and other advertising spaces With a subscription, it is possible to rent an ol-line space on Ironcorner pages. You can contact our customer service by email.

B/ General Conditions of Use :

1/ Object :

The General Conditions of Use are particularly reserved to the announcers (professionals or private individuals) that wish to publish one or several announcements in the given categories. The ads are free of charge and without time limit.

More generally, the conditions are reserved to all the advertising requests and all the announcers that wish to be present on our website (in the homepage, among the categories or in the lists of Announcers or announcements).

Ironcorner reserves the right to modify any part of the present General Conditions of Use at any time. Consequently, it is up to the Announcer to refer to it regularly every time he is connected to his account.

The present act has the purpose to define the General Conditions of Use which govern all the contractual rights and duties between the two Parts.

2/ Definitions :

The Announcer indicates the natural or legal entity wishing to upload one or several ads for free on Ironcorner website and joining Ironcorner services.

The Consultant indicates the natural person wishing to make an offer or to consult the products on-line on Ironcorner website.

Ironcorner indicates the ARLINGTON SAS company, registered at the commercial register of EVRY (France) under the number 789935244, R.C.S. and whose head office is situated at the following address: 5, Chemin des tourelles, 91360 Epinay sur Orge, France.

3/ Services :

The services proposed are the following ones:

  • Creation of accounts that allow the Announcer to publish announces for free without limit of number.
  • Creation of advertising banner on request, with a rate negotiation
  • Transferring of your announcements from your website for free and updating them when in your list there are modifications.
  • Implementation of tools that give visibility to your announcements on the 5 continents, with particular attention paid to Eastern Europe Countries and Africa, areas often absent from existing networks.

For any further information or request, our customer service is available by e-mail. Using our contact form.

4/ Languages :

The website is worldwidly available in 7 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and German), other languages will be added in the future. In any case, the Annuncer can enter the description of the product in his mother tongue language.

5/ Announcements uploading and guarantees :

The announcements can be written and uploaded in the language of the Announcer.
Ironcorner hasn't any control or responsibility on the published editorial contents apart from those written in the 3 official languages versions. Moreover, Ironcorner cannot guarantee to the Consultant the truthfulness of the Announcements present on the website, and it cannot be responsible for the contents of the ads. The Announcer uploads announcements by filling and validating the insertion forms. The form is valid and effective once it has been examined and approved by the Ironcorner team and the present conditions have been accepted. As the announcement doesn't follow any time condition, the Announcer is informed that if he doesn't delete his ads, the Consultants have the right to contact him. For the same reason, in case of sale, the Announcer has to delete immediately the announcement in order to not leave old ads on-line that could damage the proper use and functioning of the website.

6/ Creation, duration and termination of the account :

The creation of the account is free of charge and it has an no duration terms

At any time the Announcer can cancel his account by sending a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt for the attention of the Sales management at the following address: Alington Sas, 5 chemin des tourelles – 91360 Epinay sur Orge – France. This termination comes into effect at the date indicated on the received mail.

Besides, Ironcorner reserves the right to cancel every Announcer and/or announce in case of non compliance of the present conditions.

7/ Subscription Options:

General functioning
The subscription options is purchased online after or during your account creation phase for variable periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. There is no automatic renewal, you must think and renew your options yourself (automatic reminder email will be send 48 hours before the expiry).

All prices are quoted in euros (with a dollar matching currency for all the countries outside the EU). They are indicated excl VAT. The VAT applied considers the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any rate change could be reflected in the prices for the services.

You must pay the amount indicated after choosing your options by credit card via a Paypal Integral interface.

Your options are activated immediately at the end of the transaction.

The options
Our pricing may change at any time, however, the ammount to pay will be displayed when you order.

According to the number of ads you have on-line, you can give more visibility to your ads by choosing one of the following options (or two):

Place your ads at the top of the list for each category in each Country every week, 3 pricing will be applied to the sellers according to the number of their ads:

  • from 0 to 49 ads
  • from 0 to 199 ads
  • More than 200 ads

Show your logo in order to allow a faster identification of your company by the buyer, 3 pricing will be applied to the sellers according to the number of their ads:

  • from 0 to 49 ads
  • from 0 to 199 ads
  • More than 200 ads

The last choice is concerning the duration of the subscription.

Purchase terms
The Advertiser, the person who wants to buy a service must:

  • Fill in the identification form with all the requested data and with the EU VAT No. if he wishes to be exempted from the VAT payment;
  • Tick the selected options online;
  • Validate the order after reviewing it;
  • Complete the payment under the conditions provided by the Paypal interface;
  • Confirm the order and the payment.

The confirmation of the order implies the acceptance of these conditions of sale, the recognition of being completely aware of it, the renunciation to prevail of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.

All data recorded and the confirmation are valid proof of the transaction. The confirmation is valid as a signature and acceptance of transactions.

A PDF invoice is automatically generated after the confirmation and it will be placed inside the account that has been activated.

CNIL declaration
A CNIL declaration with the following No. 1700921 was made in order to protect your data.

Protected payment
Ironcorner uses the Paypal system to secure your transactions and give the possibility to pay by credit card or from account to account.

Thanks to its payment system that is one of the most reliable, PayPal makes your transactions without giving your credit card information to the beneficiaries; your email address and password are sufficient and if you do not have an account, payment can be made by credit card.

In addition, PayPal offers a full protection in case of unauthorized use of your account by paying 9the appropriate ammount.

No revocation or refund is possible after purchasing your options or setting up your advertising spaces. Ironcorner has obligations of means but it has no obligation in terms of results.

8/ Availability of the service :

Through its host OVH, Ironcorner will do all the best to maintain active his operational team and his bandwidth. Despite this, it's impossible for Ironcorner to guarantee the absolute continuity of the access to the services as well as the safety of the data transmission. For this reason, the Announcer recognizes that the information and the services proposed by Ironcorner can be interrupted on can contain errors, in case of force majeure, in an independent way from the will of Ironcorner itself or if facts not rising from Ironcorner responsibility are involved.

9/ Forbidden :

Arlington grants the user the right to access the site Ironcorner for personal and private use only. Any reproduction, total or partial commercialization of content is prohibited.

Arlington prohibits any person or entity filling announcement as professional on behalf of a third party without the express consent of Ironcorner.

10/ Jurisdiction:

These conditions of online sales are subject to French law.

In case of dispute, jurisdiction is given to the courts of Paris, despite multiple defendants or warranty.