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Confidentiality policy

Confidentiality Policy :

The access codes that are given to the Announcer for the creation of his account are personal and confidential. The Announcer is the only person responsible for the use of his password and access code. The Announcer is in charge of keeping them secret and not to reveal them to anybody in any form.

In case of loss or stealing of the password, or if the Announcer realises that his codes are being used by somebody else, he has immediately to refer this fact to Ironcorner using the contract form or by contacting the technical team.

Ironcorner cannot be held responsible of the fraudulent use of the passwords and access codes by a third party.

A CNIL declaration under the recording number 1644889V was made. Ironcorner declared to get back for statistical purpose the information collected from the private or the professionals inside or outside the European Union.

In any case, we remind the announcer that he has the right to access to his account, to modify or delete any data.

1) Announcer's obligations :

The Announcer makes commitment to :

  • not to declare any false information, deceitful information or ay information that can damage a third party
  • not to publish announcements referred to stolen or imitated good
  • not to publish announcements containing obscene or pornographic material
  • confirm that his announcements don't contain virus or programs designed to interrupt or damage Ironcorner services.

Ironcorner has the right to refuse, without having to specify the reason, any announcement that, according to his text or image, is against the moral or against his commercial purpose.

Furthermore, the Announcer makes commitment to compensate Ironcorner if for this responsibility Ironcorner receives complaints or if a third party is damaged following to a publication of announcements that violate those General Conditions of Use.

2) Ironcorner's obligation :

According to its politics of free announcement insertion, Ironcorner is in an obligation condition about the means, it is not kept in obligation about the result, this is what the Announcer accepts unconditionally.
Ironcorner is not responsible for any consequential damage, in the use of its services or in the impossibility of using them, in particular in case of slowness, interruption or errors in the data transmission.

The announcements are uploaded and published under the only responsibility of the Announcer.
Ironcorner disclaims all its responsibility for the accuracy or the relevance of these announcements.

Ironcorner exercises (via moderators) a brief control on the published announcements.
In case of disputes, the announcements can be eliminated and the Announcer's account is suspended until a regulation of the aforementioned dispute.

3) Recommendations :

  • It is up to the Announcer to make sure about the solvency of the buyer, if necessary by demanding him a bank transfer
  • It is up to the Announcer to draft all its announcements in one of the following website languages: English, French or Spanish
  • It is up to the buyer to verify the identity and the good faith of the seller as well as the existence of the selling products.
  • Il appartient à l’acheteur de vérifier l’identité et la bonne foi du vendeur et l’existence du matériel mis en vente.

In case of doubt about an announcement or an account, at any time the consultant or the Announcer can contact the technical service of Ironcorner using the on-line contact page.

4) Attributive clause of competence :

The present General Condition of Use is subjected to the French law. In case of dispute, the Commercial Court of Evry is declared the only competent entity.