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Whether you’re looking for a snowplough, a snow groomer or a spreader. Find any type of equipment for snow (even snow removal blades, for example) you need on Ironcorner!

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In Quebec, snow blowers and snow groomers need to be good enough for the enormous amount of snow that falls each year in the country. This is why manufacturers are constantly imagining and creating new real road monsters capable of making the job of cleaning the roads of snow quick and easy. The company Métal Pless is known for having built a model specific for Jean Lesage Airport. Its snow blade of 7.3 m in width (in the open position) is coupled to a loader on wheels 844K-II John Deere Sigma model. Exactly what you need to fight a mountain of snow ! But in terms of snow removal equipment, nothing is better than the trains and the incredible triangular blade of their locomotives. Did you know that these famous snowplows on rails, commonly used in Canada, also exist in Europe? These snowplow trains, as they are nicknamed, come with an impressive snow blade or a turbine that sucks snow and ejects in to the side to avoid the phenomenon of snowdrifts near the line.