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Specialized in used construction equipment, Ironcorner has selected for you more than a thousand ads for backhoe loaders and accessories from the best brands.

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In both the construction and the agricultural sectors, the backhoe loader is one of the most versatile and useful machines. Not to be mistaken with the excavator, the backhoe loader (also called simply backhoe) is a piece of engineering with the particularity to combine the functions of an excavator with those of a loader. It is mainly used for light work. In the construction industry, its small size is perfect for the building projects of small and medium enterprises in urban areas and for engineering projects too. It is also often used for small demolitions, for the carriage of materials and even for digging (trenches). In the agricultural sector, is commonly used for manure collection. It goes without saying that there are many different models of backhoe loaders on the market, from the most compact (mini backhoe) to the much bigger ones (rigid backhoe, articulated backhoe...).